About Us


LMIS Global (Europe) B.V. is uniquely positioned acting as both intermediary and MGA within the group organisation sitting between and acting for and with our clients, insurance companies, brokers, and international reinsurance markets. We provide our broking networks and cedents with specialised and often niche insurance programmes and reinsurance solutions.

LMIS Global has wide ranging expertise with intricate product and market knowledge; this provides the basis and platform for our clients to adapt and progress in an ever changing and developing market.

Considering the broad range of coverage options, classes of business and risks handled by LMIS Global (Europe) B.V. we have developed strong relationships with the insurance and international reinsurance capacity which is a key component of our business model.

LMIS Global (Europe) B.V. operates in a number of specialist and niche areas in the marketplace where there is limited expertise and often few intermediaries and risk carriers interested in writing these specific lines of business. LMIS Global (Europe) B.V.  works directly with their clients, brokers, insurers or reinsurers in developing specialised insurance products, reinsurance programmes and structures for distribution in many jurisdictions and territories around the world.

New ideas, new concepts, new thinking – it can be called ‘adaptive situational positioning’ but LMIS Global (Europe) B.V. prefers to call it ‘the ability to think outside the box’. This straightforward approach allows us to achieve successful outcomes to complex problems for the benefit of our clients.