Title Insurance

Title Insurance

Title insurance/indemnity protects purchasers and existing property owners against specified losses as a result of unknown defects in the title of property like;

Land and buildings, Works of Art, Green renewable investment projects (Wind farms-on and off shore), Hydroelectric and Solar PV projects that could prejudice its use and undisputed possession.

Our Title portfolio includes and provides coverage for;

Title for Property and land;

Title for Green renewable energy sector bespoke coverage for Wind Farms (onshore and offshore), Hydroelectric and Solar PV projects.

Title for Works of Art like paintings, sculptures and other valuable art objects.

Many clients recognised the security of Title Insurance/Indemnity together with its provision of property insurance.

Title cover simplifies decisions about investment in both International and newly emerged markets and provides peace of mind and the security of knowing that long-term ownership of investments like land and property, works of art and or in Green renewable projects can now be protected.